Wood's Harbour Business Park


ProNova is currently offering the following for lease:

  • Office space
  • Garage/shop space
  • Storage/ self storage space
  • Commercial space
  • Aquaculture tanks/systems
  • Lobster tanks
  • Parking lots


Contact ProNova today and tell us what you need!

We currently have multiple buildings and land available for sale or lease. We'll work hard to accommodate your every need. 

We are proud to already have three companies working at the Lower Wood's Harbour site!


Advantages of choosing ProNova

  • Ocean front location with large salt water intake
  • Large freshwater reservoir
  • Emergency power generator
  • High-speed hardwired internet
  • Municipal sewer
  • Private wharf

Have a business idea?

 We can help! 

Why chose the Wood’s Harbour Business Park? Because we offer what others don’t!

We will custom design our space to fit your business needs. We are working towards having a complete technical services staff, tools, and stock on site to offer the businesses who chose ProNova, fast and dedicated service 24/7/365.

To help turn your small business ideas into reality ProNova has put together a price per square foot rate which includes the following services in one monthly payment:

  • Automatic emergency power (large on-site generator)
  • High Speed Internet (High bandwidth of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 Meg upload and download through our dedicated fiber line)
  • Phone line (multiple lines available)
  • Security (monitored burglar and fire alarm as well as surveillance cameras)
  • Maintenance/technical services (including on site maintenance staff)
  • Parking
  • Snow and trash removal
  • Washroom access
  • Ocean front access

The goal of ProNova’s all inclusive lease is to give your business one easy payment you can budget for.

Other reasons to choose the Wood’s Harbour Business Park are:

  • Fuel station 4 km away
  • EHS paramedic base directly a crossed the road from the park
  • Fire department 4 km away
  • Many other local businesses located near the park

Businesses located at the park